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  • Made of Thickened 304 Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Spatula Wok Shovel Size: 9.3cm Width x 35.8cm Length 
  • Stainless Steel Soup Ladle Size: 9cm Width x 31cm Length
  • Stainless Steel Colander Shovel Size: 12cm Width x 34cm Length
  • Ultra-Light Weight, Only 200g
  • Handle Is Made From German Bavarian Beech
  • Quality Wood with Well Polished by Handmade to Ensure A Delicate Surface & Feel Comfortable While Holding 
  • Certified by Swiss SGS
  • Practical hook design
  • Very Good Cleanability 
  • High Quality Soup Ladle with Simple Elegant Design
  • Strong Magnetic Function that can Save Up A Lot of Kitchen Spaces ⬇️
  • Magnetic Wooden Shovel Spatula Size/Weight : 7.4cm Width x 32cm Length / 200g
  • Magnetic Soup Ladle Size/Weight : 6.6 cm Width x 30cm Length / 200g
  • Magnetic Colander Size/Weight : 6.6cm Width x 30cm Length / 200g
  • Best match with Non-stick cookware / Iron steel wok
  • Wood is Made from German Bavarian Beech.
  • Light-weight, only 200g & Simple Design
  • Practical Hook Design.
  • Very Good Cleanability.

TOROS Multifunction Electric Frying Pan with Cover

⭐Multi-Function Suitable for Cook, Grill, Fry, Boil, BBQ & Steamboat 

⭐Compatible with All types of Pan and Work- Glass, Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Iron Plate, Franc & Clay Pot

⭐10 Level of Power and Temperature

⭐Safety Protection to Prevent Overheating- 12cm Cooling Fan

⭐FREE Fry Pan, BBQ Pan, Cover & Handle

  • Turkish Coffee Pot 7cm 
  • Enjoy the Pure Taste of the Coffee
  • Enjoy A Cup of Turkish Coffee like A Local 
  • Turkish Coffee is Served in Small Cup- It is Let People Enjoying A Strong Coffee in Small Quantity & Enjoy It Slowly 
  • Capacity 150ml
  • BITCRAFT RM 1 DEAL - Set of 3 Lamar Fruit Juice worth RM 38 (excluding Shipping Fee)
  • This deal entitles you to 3 units of any Lamar Juices of your choice.
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  • This deal is not transferable to cash.
  • Bitcraft reserves the right to change, modify and revoke any of these Terms at any time by posting the amended terms.