MESH Earl Grey Black Tea English Breakfast Tea Stick Bag Bergamot Aroma Stress Relief Imported from Turkey Teh Hitam Bitcraft
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Product SKU BC-MESH-EarlGreyTea
Brand Mesh Tea
Size (L x W x H) 16 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm
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  • MESH Stick Earl Grey Tea Imported from Turkey
  • With its Magnificent Blend with Bergamot Aroma- Helps Relief Stress after a Long Day at Work
  • Energy Booster-Has Moderate Amounts of Caffeine to Keep You Energized throughout Dehydrating Effect of Coffee
  • Aids Digestion & Weight Loss- Help Relieve Constipation & Ingestion Leading to Better Healthy & Weight Loss
  • Provides Practical, Fast and Easy Use with Its Non-drip Feature
  • MESH Tea Stick Instead of a Spoon
  • 16 Sticks/pack

What's in the box

MESH Early Grey Tea x1