Craft and Fuse Dragon Fruit Tropical Switchel Sparkling Juice with Tiger Milk Mushroom Extract Natural Vinegar Drink No Colouring No Flavoring Minuman Jus Cuka Buah Naga Semula Jadi Ekstrak Cendawan Susu Harimau Bitcraft
Price RM16.80
Brand Craft and Fuse
Size (L x W x H) 6 cm x 5 cm x 12 cm
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  • The First In Malaysia Craft and Fuse Sparkling Tropical Switchel ™
  • Awarded TOP 10 Asia "Made For The World" Anugerah Antarabangsa
  • Consist of Tiger's Milk Mushroom Extracts
  • 100% Real Fruit, Dragon Fruits & Pineapple
  • No Flavouring, No Coloring
  • Sparkling Tropical Switchel Effective In:
  • Respiratory System
  • Lung Health
  • Liver Health
  • Immune System Booster
  • Recharge Electrolyte
  • Super Antioxidants
  • Anti-Aging
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Anti-Microbial, Anti-Viral and Anti-Cancer
  • Promote Digestion
  • Joint Health



What's in the box

Craft and Fuse Dragon Fruit Tropical Switchel 200mL x 1