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Bitcraft High Borosilicate Glass Thick Glass Tupperware Food Grade PP Microwavable Eco Food Storage Lunch Box Rectangle Food Container
Price RM13.90 - RM29.90
Product SKU BC-BorosilicateGlass
Size (L x W x H) 24 cm x 18 cm x 9 cm
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  •  Made of quality heat resistant high borosilicate glass
  •  Heat resistant up to 400°, cold resistant to -20°
  •  Hot and cold rapid change factor of 120°, better thermal shock resistance than ordinary glass
  •  Microwavable, Oven Safe (up to 400°), Refrigerable & Dishwasher Safe ✔️ Food grade highly transparent PP material lid
  •  Food grade sealing ring. Made of high quality thick silicone ring, well-sealed and leak-proof, carry with peace of mind
  •  Four-sided snap lock design on lid to ensure proper locking
  •  Strictly tested and quality assured materials

What's in the box

Bitcraft High Borosilicate Glass x1